Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harris Teeter Trip, 7-18-2011

So, I woke up bored this morning and thought it might be a good day to go do some shopping! :-)

My main goal for going to Harris Teeter was to actually check to see if my eVIC coupons were now working. I did a little research last night and thought I might have found the answer to why they haven't been working and the only way to test it is to go see.

When I got there I decided to take advantage of a few deals that were ending today. So, here's what I ended up with today:

I know it's hard to see but that is 12 cake mixes in the back of the picture. I know, that seems like overkill but when you are buying them for about $.30 each then it is time to stock up somewhat. I also only paid $.50 each for the Aussie and Herbal Essence items. Other parts of this deal are $.25 Crest toothpaste (that is what I used to test my Zavers and they are working fine now!) and I only paid $1.40 for the Eckrich sausage. Doritos were BOGO and the Kashi was only $1.50 with coupon, better than the normal $4.99 price! 

Anyways, this would have been around $54 with the sales and such but I ended up paying $13 for it all! Not bad when you figure that $4.29 of that was the Doritos! 

Sorry, no breakdown but if you have any questions you can feel free to give me a holler! 

Have a wonderful day,


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