Friday, June 3, 2011

For Sissy & Kim, And Anyone Else Who's Interested

This is a public message to my sister and sis-in-law. It's just a few suggestions and such. I thought of writing a letter to them but decided it would be better to write as a blog post so that others could have this info also.

I just wanted to write and give you guys some advice on how to get started using coupons. Kim, I see you saved over $53 yesterday so you have made an initial start and that is great. Sissy, you have one advantage in that Robert has done this before so he should be able to help you out some!

My first advice to you is to make sure that you get a Sunday paper this weekend. There is always 3 inserts in the paper on the first Sunday of the month. There should be a Smart Source, Red Plum and a Proctor & Gamble. You want to make sure you get this so you can get started off good.

Some people have a rule of buying a Sunday paper for every adult in the household, or every person who would be considered an adult, such as a 13 year old who eats well and needs personal care items also! You will have to make your own decisions about how many papers to buy. I myself try to get at least 5 or 6 per week but this weekend I will probably try to get about 10! Remember, I have 4 adults in my household and if you figure Joseph likes getting stuff then that would be 5! I'm just doubling it for the P&G insert.

When you are going through your coupons please be sure to not throw any of them away! I know you may be brand loyal to some items but if you could get a similar brand for FREE or next to nothing wouldn't you want to try it? Also, don't think that you would never use it  and throw it away. I thought I would never use most of the P&G coupons because it is always so high! I always threw them away. Since I started doing this seriously I have found that I used most ALL of the coupons from that insert. For example, I would have never thought of using the Fusion ProGlide razor but I have been able to get them at Walgreens all month for basically $.89! It's just a razor with 2 blades but for $.89 that is super great!

I would suggest saving all the coupons that you think you won't use and putting them to the side. Find a place to put them such as an accordion type of binder or maybe a place in your filing cabinet. I had some coupons from 5/1 that I didn't think I would use but I used them this past week to get some great deals. I'm glad I saved them.

Be sure to buy the paper for the largest city around you. For instance, Sissy would try to buy the Dallas newspaper if it is available. The reason for this is because they will have the most coupons! Where I live the New Bern Sun Journal has inserts but the Raleigh News & Observer has more coupons! I will buy one of each, compare and then decide which one I want to buy the most of!

Be careful when printing out Internet coupons. They are great and I use them quite often also but you do need to use a little wisdom when doing so. A lot of times the coupons that you see online will also be in your Sunday inserts. Also, make sure it is something that you will use or that your store carries. You may save a lot of money but you will also have to buy ink which costs a bit!

Use some match-up sites to help you get the most out of your coupons! I have several that I have bookmarked and check quite frequently. One of my favorite sites for Walgreens and CVS is Southern Savers and just recently I discovered Amit19's Deals World. I like Amit19's site because he has previews up to almost 2 weeks in advance. You can do a search for your local store and someone who does price matches by just typing in that stores info into the Google search engine. For example, "Brookshire's match-ups" or "Kroger match-ups".

You can get a preview of Sunday's coupon inserts by checking out this site, Sunday Coupon Previews. There are a lot of sites that show these but this one is pretty cool. Be aware that some coupons are regional so they may not be in your paper but it will give you a general idea. Also, depending on your region, you may get a $1 off Heniz ketchup while I may get a $.75 off. I'm not sure how it works but it will depend on how many stores in your area double and triple or not. If there are a lot of stores that double then you will most likely get the $.50 instead of a $1, or something like that!

Dont' be discouraged if you don't save that much the first couple of weeks. You have to get a stockpile of coupons together before you can do the HUGE savings. It took me a couple of weeks before I started to see my "stockpile" grow.

I still have so much to share with you guys but I have to get ready for work now. If you have any questions, please message me on Facebook or email me. I'd be glad to help in any way I can!

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  1. Thanks Bubba :-) I have been checking out lots of blogs & trying to learn more. I needed a hobby & I might have just found one. I am hoping the Amarillo newspaper has all 3 coupon inserts this weekend. I even bought a binder LOL I dont know if I will be taking on shopping trips since I usually have the kids with me & it would take up too much room so I will use either an envelope or my little binder. I like the idea of the binder so I can flip thru and see what I have and it is all organized & pretty LOL it is pink..Bubba, you would love it :-) right LOL Thanks again for posting this for us...I love rading these & seeing ur pitures :-)