Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slow Start But Still Saving!

So, last night and again today, I stopped by my local Harris Teeter and got a few bargains. Here's a breakdown of what I got:

7 cans of Margaret Holmes vegetables for $.045! I used the $0.35 off 1 coupon and HT doubles and these were on sale for $0.67 each. We got 4 Collard Greens for free and 3 Spinach for $0.45 (they were regular price of $0.85)
2 bottles of French's Worcestershire Sauce for free (on sale for $1.00 and 2 $0.50 coupons)
1 box of Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice, Broccoli Cheddar Flavor for free (clearance of $1.19 and $0.75 coupon)
1 box of Raisin Bran for $0.54 (sale for $1.94 and $0.70 off coupon)

The veggies and the French's were from coupon inserts in the paper. The Uncle Ben's and Raisin Bran were coupons I printed from the Internet. The Uncle Ben's came from their Facebook page and the Raisin Bran came from (through Swagbucks). If you're going to go through, you might as well go through Swagbucks and earn a little bit more! :-)

Being as I am just getting started I feel good about this! I don't have enough coupons to take advantage of some deals but I am slowly starting to get back into the swing of things!

I'll post some more tonight!


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