Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are You Swagging Yet?

Search & WinHave you joined Swagbucks yet?

I just recently started Swagging. You use Swagbucks to perform searches, which you usually do everyday, and get rewarded for it. Plus, you also get daily rewards by doing the daily poll, NOSO, Trusted Surveys and refreshing the toolbar. You can earn while watching Swagbucks TV, watching select videos, signing up for newsletters, buying things, etc...

Why do all this?

Because by doing this you can earn Swagbucks which you trade in for different rewards. My favorite is the Amazon gift card. You can get a $5 gift card for just $450 Swagbucks! I earned my first one in my first week!

There area lots of other things you can do with your Swagbucks but you would have to visit their website to find the full details. If you use my link, I will be able to get some extra bucks also!

If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me or comment with your questions!


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