Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Very Important Day For Isaiah (And All Of Us)

I'm here in Durham right now, relaxing at the hotel before Isaiah's surgery tomorrow.
When I came here, I didn't realize how serious this surgery was but now that I have had a chance to talk to Stephanie I realize it is more serious than I imagined.
They have pretty much gotten all they can with the chemo. There is still a small amount that is clinging to his brain stem and they have to go in and try to remove it. The seriousness is in the fact that if they can't get it then that is it. Isaiah is too sick to be able to endure radiation therapy and if they can't get it through the surgery then they will just have to send him home because they have done all they can do.
Even if they do get it, they don't know what effects it will have on him. What it might affect. They also don't know if it will come back or not.
It's quite scary when you stop and think about it. This could most likely be the last surgery for Isaiah. I just pray that it will end with the results we want.
If you have a moment tonight or even tomorrow, please say a prayer for my grandson. The surgery will start around 7AM Eastern Time.
I will try to update you as often as possible. I have a laptop and internet connection at the hotel room and it is right across the street from the hospital. Of course, Jessica will probably update Facebook quicker with her phone.
Either way we will try to keep you updated on this very important day!

Thanks for your prayers,

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