Thursday, February 24, 2011

When I Was Your Age ...

So, a couple of days have gone by without a post! How terrible!

I guess my mind was a complete blank the last couple of days! :-)

I've been busy of late. I've had to change my sleep patterns because Trina went back to work and now I have to get up and pick Jessica up from school! Yeah, she could drive home but Trina doesn't want to let her drive the car right now, not since she ran it in the ditch the other day! :-)

Seriously, it's hard to get used to driving when you aren't used to it!

We were talking tonight and Jessica mentioned that she has been walking 5 miles a day! Upon hearing this I casually mentioned that the college is 4.5 miles from our house so she could kill two birds with one stone if she just walked home from school!

What? It would save me having to get up early to get her and she would be able to get her walking in!

OK, you're right! I guess I need to get off of here and get in the bed because she gets out at 10:45 tomorrow!

Hope everyone is doing OK!


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