Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend Recap! :-)

Hello again everyone!!!! :-)

I just wanted to recap what a great weekend we just had! Of course, the weekends are always fun. It seems that lately that is the only time I see my wife and youngest daughter, what with the way I work and all.

Saturday was a nice day. Trina and I got up at 7AM and had a good breakfast and then headed to Havelock to take Joseph's car to the shop. After dropping it off we paid our payment at Rent-A-Center and then went to visit with Joseph for a while. We didn't stay long because he had Barracks Duty and we didn't want to get him in trouble. After leaving there we went to a few stores and found some pretty cool buys. It was nice to be able to just shop, just me and Trina! Afterwards, we had lunch together and then went to get the car.

Saturday afternoon we took the girls with us and did a little more shopping around. We rented a couple of movies and came home. We had chili dogs for supper and watched "You Again!". It was a pretty good movie. I figured it was time for a decent comedy and that was just what we got. If you want a good laugh, get this movie.

Sunday was a totally different day. We didn't wake up until late, I think around 9:30 or 10. Trina fixed chocolate gravy and biscuits with some smoked sausage to the side. An excellent breakfast. Trina and I began sorting through pictures so I could get ready for Scanfest. Scanfest is the last Sunday of every month. It's when a bunch of folks get together, mainly genealogists, and chat while they scan photos. It was my first time to do this. Anyways, back to the pictures. We started sorting through just the wallet size pictures that we had of the kids. It was a big stack and there were several that had 3, 4 or more copies of each. I made a stack just for me and then we took the others and separated them into 3 other stacks, one for Joseph, Jessica and Julia. I figured we might as well pass along some of them to each of the kiddos so that they can start their own little collections. It was a lot of fun going through them all and the girls enjoyed it also.

After Scanfest, we had dinner. Trina fixed chicken-fried steak, red potatoes with gravy and cream-style corn. It was so good! Then everyone just retreated to their own thing and did what they wanted. Trina watched TV, Jessica texted and Julia, well, Julia did whatever Julia does! :-)  I continued to scan pictures and sort through them all. Jess came in and helped me with them for a while.

Overall, it was a very good weekend! I hope for many more like it in the future!

Here's to a good week and good reports from all my family!


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