Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Passing Of A Landmark

Hi again everyone! Today I have some good news and some bad news!

The bad news first, Apache Better Burgers is no more! That's right! For all of you who went to H. Grady Spruce High School and hung out at the Apache Better Burgers, that landmark is gone! :-(

When did this happen? I really don't know. All I know is I knew from the moment I looked at the picture my nephew's wife sent me today I knew that it was the former Apache Better Burgers!

So, that cuts to the good news. Esmeralda and her mother have opened a restaurant there! Here's a picture she sent me today:

I'm so excited for her and 'Lil Robert! How awesome for them. At the same time I am saddened that a part of my younger years is gone. Wow! 

Anyways, that is what I have to share today! 

Have a nice weekend,


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