Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Happy! Joy Joy! :-)

I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

My question would be "What are you all planning to do this weekend?" With gas prices being so high, I know I will limit my driving somewhat for the time being.

Things are going quite well for me right now! I'm in a good mood, I'm feeling confident concerning my grandson, and it's Friday! As my brother Robert wrote, "God saved my soul, I can't complain, God saved my soul!"

It's nice to know I was the inspiration for a song! :-)

But seriously, I have nothing to complain about right now! Don't get me wrong, I could think of something if you wanted me to but I would rather just enjoy the day!

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful day (lifts his coffee cup for a toast) and a wonderful weekend! Here's a suggestion, take the time to enjoy your family! Time has a way of changing things so enjoy them while you can!

Love you all,


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